Saturday, March 20, 2010


BSNL Launched WiMAX Service in Kerala
WiMAX(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) the next-generation(4G) of wireless technology.It is designed to enable global high-speed Internet access to the devices including Desktop,notebook PCs, handsets, smartphones, and consumer electronics such as ,camcorders, music players,gaming devices,cameras and much more. As the fourth generation (4G) of wireless technology, WiMAX delivers low-cost, open networks and is the first all IP mobile Internet solution enabling efficient and scalable networks for data, video, and voice.

BSNL is the first telecom operator in India to have launched the Mobile WiMAX service.AVIAT (formerly Harris Stratex) has provided the technology for the Mobile WiMAX in the country.

BSNL is Providing the WiMAX technology in Kerala, offering a wireless broadband internet speed of up to 37 mbps(Mega bits/sec) with 900 BTS (Base Transmitting Stations)for covering the whole state.In the first phase, 450 Base Transmitting Stations will be set up to cover all the major cities, all district headquarters as well as important towns in Kerala, with the project costing about Rs 100 crore.

The two plans introduced by BSNL Kerala circle for WiMAX is Home & Business.Both are unlimited usage plans and the speed is upto 37mbps.(The maximum speed will avilable only according to plans)

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