Friday, March 26, 2010

4G (4th Generation Wireless Broadband-India)

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4G wireless broadband technology stands for Fourth Generation of wireless internet. It is also what we call the future of broadband technology that the world is moving towards and expected innovation.The 4G is the class of technology that gives higher speed than 3G broadband. It delivers fast speed for multimedia and application services.It have a capacity to transfer data upto 100mbps.Now Bsnl started the 4G Urban Mobile Wimax in India having a capacity to transfer data upto 37Mbps.

Today 3G is just started in India. But 4G is the future, where it provides better wireless uninterrupted data transfer from uploads to downloads. From 2G which is GPRS to 3G or HSDPA connection, now 4G has arrived.

Of course 4G broadband seems like wired speed but it is wireless, it is 3 Times faster than 3G, and it is also completely portable without any wires in your electronic devices such as laptops. 4G is also three times faster than the older technology and lastly, it will give you a perfect internet experience you are looking for.


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