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How to get the BSNL WiMAX connection in Goa

Steps to get BSNL WiMAX connection in Goa

For getting BSNL WiMAX connection in goa BSNL customer service centre and ask for a customer application form. A passport size photograph and proof of identity and proof of address is required.

2.A BSNL-SOMA network technician will visit your premises and check for feasibility of BSNL coverage and network strength in your respective area.

3.After the verification process is over, a payment of Rs 5000 is to be made towards the CPE ( Customer Premise Equipment) a simple plug-and-play indoor device which is about the size of a landline handset.

4.Next, a one month security deposit is to be deposited with BSNL which is as per the amount dependent on the pan chosen by you plus an amount of Rs 827 towards installation charges and service tax. Annual payments instead of monthly are allowed a rebate equal to two months waiver.

The whole procedure is slated to take a maximum of 48 hours according to SOMA networks.


  1. thank you dude.How is the rate? is it affordable??

  2. To fibin:

    please specify your state.BSNL Wimax is different in different states(On speed and rates).It also have a division of Urban n Rural.Rural subscribers have a plan starting from Rs.145.

  3. Hi Albert,
    Thanks for a great blog. Info on BSNL Wimax is hard to come by. Please clarify some of my doubts
    1. If i get the USB dongle, will i get good signal all over the city (Kozhikode,Kerala) ?
    2. Can I use the same USB dongle for accessing Wimax in other states ? Are there any roaming charges ?
    TIA. :)

  4. @ gtm

    thanks 4 ur support.... 4G based WiMAX services are just lunched in Kerala n Punjab

    ...other services are not 4G .. now this services only avilable in Cochin..( a little while...may b on next sept it willb in d whole state of Kerala.
    Now the 4G facility is only avilable in Kerala n roaming is not much possible now....Soon it wil Cover south india..

  5. Thanks for nice post.It is really very interesting to read article.I have gone through many blogs, sites and forums which been providing great knowledge about the same, as like recently i was reading something about Wifi,Wimax on the information that shared here is also great.I appreciate your effort for supply this type of vital information and sure I'll come again across your blog when you will share something new.


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