Friday, March 19, 2010

Coverage(Range) of BSNL Wimax Base Transmitting Stations (BST)

Coverage of BSNL Wimax BST

Most reviews of all BSNL wireless broadband users are the poor speed of uploading and downloading.
The main reason behind that is BSNL concentrating on the reduction of radiation that are harmful to the people in the country(ie, prescribed in the law).
The main example for that is when BSNL users make a call from a cell phone over 30 mins it will not be getting HOT as compared to other GSM subscribers.
This means BSNL 's GSM Towers or WLL Towers only boost the coverage range from 2.5 to 5 km.

But in the case of BSNL WiMAX its a good news for all who were in urban,rural,plain,hilly area of anywhwere in the country the BSNL WiMAX Base Transmitting Staions provides a coverage
of 17km.This means the base stations will be in town but the long coverage helps to maintain the full speed upto 17km from town.
As per the steps taken by BSNL in Kerala circle ( there were only 14 districts and BSNL creating 900 Base Stations in two phases), we can assume that BSNL will provide a complete WiMAX coverage all over India..

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