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WiMAX Kerala Plans and Tariff Rates

WiMAX Kerala
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has commercially launched India’s first mobile broadband fourth-generation internet access network – called Mobile WiMAX – in Kerala. This is the first step in BSNL’s plan to network the entire with WiMAX technology in a matter of few years.BSNL is the first telecom operator in the country to have launched the Mobile WiMAX service.

AVIAT( formerly Harris Stratex )has provided the technology for the Mobile WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access).

The technology whose theoretical top speed is 37 MBPS ( though something like 7 MBPS tops is currently on offer) is available in the Kochi region – encompassing Ernakulam city, Tripunithura, Kalamassery, Aluva and Angamally municipalities – through 25 Base Transmitting Stations. Another 59 are being commissioned soon. The statewide coverage depends on the commissioning of another 900 BTSs.WiMAX technology in Kerala offering a Broadband internet speed of up to 37 MBPS.

According to BSNL in the first phase, 450 Base Transmitting Stations will be set up to cover all the major cities, district headquarters and towns in Kerala, with a project costing about $ 2.17 crore( Rs 100 crore approx.). Initially, roaming will be available within Kerala.The WiMAX technology provides access to broadband internet service at a cost performance ratio which is much better than any other technology.

BSNL introduced two Mobile 4G WiMAX tariff palans in kerala circle


  1. stunning speed @ 2mbps . only @ 750 pm unlimited . I am very much satisfied with BSNL Wi max

  2. Thanks Dhanush,BSNL is just started with 2.3 Mbps Wimax.. It will give you upto 7mbps in the near future without much hike in tariff...ENJOY 4G WiMAX

  3. Will it work with htc evo 4g cdma mobile?

  4. what about installation charges

  5. what about the installtion charges for that unlimited plan of 750???

  6. it was 2mbps when its was launched. ..... now the speed is so serves a max speed of 835kbps....and a downloading speed of 60 to 100 kbps to the max.............asianet homenet 475 is much much better than this....event though the asianet plan is not unlimited one, but its having a free time usage from 2am to 8am with speed of 4mbps at all time... !!!

  7. bsnl reduced speed for the plan(750 - unlimited) because some people used home plan for business purpose which resulted in a high amount of data transfer (~600GB/per month from a single user) ...... and they normalized the whats the differences between wimax and broadband ??? wimax is suppose to give min of 1 to 2 mbps bandwidth, not 512 or 800 kbps .......

    i must say that bsnl could have taken a feed back from us, i mean we users, before they reduced the speed.......

  8. now its 1mbps bsnl reduced wimax speed


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