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Is BSNL WiMAX is better than Reliance WiMAX-Users reviews

Reliance's new WiMAX-based broadband plans Tariff Speed

Plan 1:

Speed: 150Kbps
Max Download: 18.75KB/sec
Cost: Rs. 843 (Rs. 750 + 12.36% ST and EC)

Plan 2:
Speed: 300Kbps
Max Download: 37.5KB/sec
Cost: Rs. 1123 (Rs. 999 + 12.36% ST and EC)

Plan 3: (I'm quite interested in this one!)
Speed: 600Kbps
Max Download: 75KB/sec
Cost: Rs. 2022 (Rs. 1799 + 12.36% ST and EC)

There is a Rs. 500 one-time installation charge. There's probably also a 12.36% service tax on that, bringing the actual figure up to Rs. 562, but the info sheet doesn't say so.

All these abovementioned home plans are UNLIMITED all day/night!

The connection is available all over Mumbai right now, no matter if you're in the suburbs or town or somewhere in the middle of the sea, so long as you're still in territorial waters!

There is also a higher speed, though limited bandwidth plan:

Plan 4:
Speed: Upto 2Mbps
Max Download: 256KB/sec
Bandwidth: 4GB per month, additional at 90 paise per MB
Cost: Rs. 843 (Rs. 750 + 12.36% ST and EC)

This works like a Tata Sky connection of sorts. They install a WiMAX receiver either outside your balcony, window or on you terrace, depending on where the signal is the strongest, and lay a cable that connects the receiver to your PC or router at your place. asked them about a completely wire-free WiMAX card or receiver that can be plugged into your PC or laptop and they said they're working on that, but that will take at least six months for the licensing issues to be sorted out.

Users Reviews

Gaurav from mumbai:"Nothing is resolved and Reliance is pathetic, they are putting up with their trend (seen in Reliance Mobile).

Their very design has many flaws, DHCP (a never ending story), ip conflicts, packet drops, average speed, auto disconnection, windows based(fucking unreliable) servers

Max attainable speed is never more than 50% of the plan (if you go with upto 2 mbps plans). I gaurantee nobody can ever show (any time of the day) a speed of more than 1 mpbs or a little more in reliance plans where they say upto 2 mbps.

Try BSNL it will always be more than 2 mbps even if they say upto 2 mbps

I am sure its just the choice of those who have no other option.

Trust me, BSNL inspite of being governemt’s is far more reliable and works twice as fast as any wimax connection.

Wimax will never be there when you urgently need internet or atleast you can’t be sure it is there and how long it will be there.

The customer care is just sitting their to fool around people and listen to our abuses.

The only thing they do well and in time is disconnect the service asap after due date, because most of the customers don’t pay, coz theservice is not OK.

If you have an option like AIRTEL or BSNL in your area never ever go with reliance.

Summarising its just for those who seldom use net and who have no other option (like BSNL and AIRTEL). Never go for it if you intend to work using the connection, it will never be there when you need it. Morever they will never be able to fix the problems nor even for 1 year or so to come."

Anonymous said...

Really **** ALL services. I applied in Aug got the connection in Oct which worked for a day then again they changed the dish in mid Nov and after that the connection started in the month of Dec for 3 days and they billed me from the month of Sep till Dec and after that no connection *** all services i havent paid the bill but the tech support sucks.........


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  1. wow such hatred for wiimax....guys these comments are baseless...i have tried every connection available in Mumbai but i assure you that reliance wiimax is worth it. i have an unlimited plan of 1 mbps speed and one should know that the effective speed is always 1/8th of your total speed. SO in my case i get speeds of around 100 - 120 kbps which is good enough and what is more exciting is that barring the first 2 days of installation when my connection stopped unexpectedly for 2 days, till now i have had uniterrupted service. so chill and show your middle fingers to losers


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