Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4G Mobile WiMAX in India

The greatest impact the mobile WiMAX technology will have is on delivering Web 2.0 services, the mobile internet, social networking and multicast media to a very wide range of mobile devices. Mobile WiMAX is not just a radio technology but a complete network architecture and ecosystem which makes it possible to have devices continuously connected to information and entertainment sources, location information and travel assistance, gaming and much more. Today's internet with video rich websites has gone too far to be delivered by the current mobile technologies. WiMAX, the 4G broadband wireless is here.
Mobile broadcasting with WiMAX

A no nonsense book about WiMAX technologies, how these can be applied for practical applications, thir usage environment and business models.The major topics covered relate to mobile WiMAX technologies.

Mobile TV

Exclusively dedicated to Mobile TV, the book is not only about the different ways to deliver mobile TV but also the handset requirements, software architectures and the content strategies which drive the new world of Mobile multimedia and TV.

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