Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Intel continued leadership and commitment to making WiMAX across World

Recently WiMAXian featured Intel demonstrated live video call over WiMAX between Sean Maloney,CEO of Intel, and Dennis Sverdlov,CEO of Yota, utilized a 3.5 GHz WiMAX-enabled notebook.

The demo illustrated Intel’s continued technology leadership and commitment to making WiMAX the wireless broadband technology of choice around the world.
Again Intel continued its commitment to develop WiMAX technology by premiered a prototype demonstrating Group Scheduling, a technology to increase the capacity of VoIP in 802.16m, next-generation WiMAX standard.

Vijay Kesavan,Senior Network Software Engineer of Intel, showed that a WiMAX cell site could accommodate 208 callers using the technology, compared to just 152 without it. In effect, it cuts the bandwidth usage of the VoIP calls by 40 percent. That’s a big deal because wireless carriers face big problems as revenue from voice calls plummets and costs of delivering data are rising.

The Group Scheduling’s target are:

  • Scheduling calls by groups reduces frame overhead and increases capacity for VoIP calls
  • Easier to make calls during peak periods
  • Technology adopted in IEEE 802.16m, the next-generation WiMAX standard

The WiMAX standards group has adopted the technology, and it could be built into the WiMAX 802.16m,next-generation WiMAX standard.


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