Monday, June 14, 2010

Beceem and ICOMM Tele Enable BSNL's 4G-WiMAX

Beceem Communications, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions for 4G-WiMAX, and ICOMM Tele, a leading Indian Telecommunications Equipment Maker, announced that the recent launch of BSNL's WiMAX service in Kerala is using devices made by ICOMM that are based on Beceem's highperformance BCS5200 and BCSM250 chipsets.

The successful service launch highlights the close collaboration between Beceem and ICOMM Tele, during which both companies worked together closely to optimize their unique solution for BSNL and developed the foundation for an open device ecosystem.In launching BSNL's Kerala network, the largest planned Mobile WiMAX network in South India, ICOMM has enabled BSNL to take a strong leadership position in the wireless broadband service development, and play an important role in enabling this historic event.Beceem has made tremendous contributions to the overall WiMAX ecosystem development.


  1. cool ! u know the exact model of the cpe being given out by BSNL ?...just wanted to check out the specs.
    Meanwhile am anxiously awaiting launch of wimax in Kozhikode...for some reason (probably defense objection)they are delaying it. (They had earlier said over phone that it would be operational in June.)

  2. About BSNL CPE use this link -

    BSNL is now in a fast track deployment of WiMAX through out Kerala.You said you were waiting for the launch of URBAN 4G WiMAX in Kozhikode.Soon it will avilable to your area.BSNL is more concentrating in the area where the BSNL Broadband connection is difficult to make up(Districts like Vayanad,Idukki)in Highrange's..


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