Tuesday, June 22, 2010

India Under WiMAX - The Wireless World


India will experience the greatest ever internet invasion ever in the next couple of years with wimax service by bsnl wimax covering the entire nation under its new plans which intend to cover the whole country under the wimax umbrella in the next year and a half. Its not just bsnl wimax which is going to provide wimax services in India but there is a bunch of service provider ready to roll out wimax service pretty soon. The ones I know of are Reliance wimax, sify wimax, mtnl wimax and a few others which have plans in the pipeline and some of them are applying for licenses at the moment. Reliance wimax has already been launched in Bangalore and Pune with plans for a Mumbai launch any time soon.

In India the wired form of delivering internet connection has not seen a lot of success mainly due to poor infrastructure unlike China where things are better planned for technology to come before hand.

welcome this wimax intrusion in India internet market which will transform the lives of millions in the next two years.


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