Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to WiMax

Why WiMAX ??
It’s tough for regular people to keep track of all of their options when it comes to technology. However, in the rush of all the new gadgets and services available, there are some that are definitely worth the hype. One of the latest to come onto the market, WiMax, actually offers the chance to enjoy wireless without a bunch of troubles or stipulations. While it might seem that every new product is promising to change your life, in this case, that sort of claim might be true. Here are the top 10 reasons that switching now will make you a forward-thinker, not a sucker.

10. No configuring networks
. When you set up wireless at home, you usually have to type information into your computer so that the network is recognized, store the password, and then you’re good to go. Getting on a network in a coffeeshop or at work? Repeat the steps all over again. Since WiMax works more like a cell phone, connecting automatically, you don’t have to spend time doing all of that.

07. A faster network. Just like cell phone companies across the country, you’ll be on board with 4G, the absolute fastest network in existence. This means that transferring huge files, streaming video content, and even video chatting can be accomplished with a complete lack of interruption.

06. A reasonable price. When you add up what you actually end up paying for wireless--like fees in airports and coffeeshops, and then include your monthly bill, things can get a little expensive. This way, no matter where you are, your wireless charge is going to come from the same place--and stay the same flat rate.

05. Forward-thinking. This is a type of technology that actually is looking towards the future rather than focusing on a new way of packaging something old. With WiMax, there is potential to expand beyond the current realms of the internet, meaning that if you get on board now, you’ll be poised and ready for the next step.

04. Global implications. Just like cell phone companies are looking towards networks that stretch across oceans, the potential is in place here for the wireless network in place to go beyond the borders of the States.

03. A reliable connection. Because the network in place uses towers not unlike cell phone towers, you can count on your WiMax connection delivering practically anywhere in the entire country. Signals are strong, meaning your connection will be, too.

02. It makes you look smart. Whether it sounds corny or not, being on the forefront of technology is definitely an asset for anyone, especially people who are trying to solidify their place in the world of new business. Being able to get online anywhere while others are struggling always makes you look ahead of the game.

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01. It just works better. Whether it’s handling the transfer of huge amounts of data, connecting without needing any sort of special programming, or adopting new technologies designed to innovate, switching to WiMax means a way of getting online that you can actually depend on as an internet user.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

3G to 4G WiMAX

Don’t Settle for 3G When You Could Have 4G Coverage
3G technology was no doubt the best way to stay connected to the web all over your city…when you got it. Now, you’re complaining of slow service and the fact that your own apartment is a dead zone. Fortunately, there is a better way to use the web all over your city. Whether you’re working, studying, or playing, the 4G network provides the fast, reliable coverage you need to tackle your chaotic days. Don’t settle for 3G coverage when you could be working with 4G instead.

Log on in the park, gym, even on public transportation with the 4G network. You can work all day, no matter where you are, with a fast, reliable mobile broadband connection. You’ll have the ability to video chat from your business meeting across town, check e-mails before your Anatomy class, and find the best sushi restaurant downtown for your Saturday night plans. Additionally, you can subscribe to 4G service in your home. This eliminates the need for a singular computer room and enables your family to connect to the Internet
regardless of where they are in the home. Log on from the backyard, basement, or bedroom with 4G mobile broadband.

The 3G network actually uses a lesser WiMax technology than 4G, meaning it can’t deliver the same quality service. WiMax is the technology utilized in transmitting signals between your PDA or laptop to the web. 4G uses the most advanced WiMax technology currently available for wireless Internet coverage. With 4G coverage, you are guaranteed the best possible service with the latest WiMax technology.

While 3G can manage to download at relative fast speeds most of the time, 4G wireless Internet is far superior. You can download at speeds of up to 3-6 Mbps with spurts of up to 10 Mbps. In fact, the 4G network is actually four times faster than 3G, allowing you to get more done on your PDA or laptop in a shorter amount of time.

4G network coverage also provides a more reliable connection than 3G. Oftentimes, 3G users complain of weak signals or dead zones while they’re in the midst of city center, at the museum, or in a movie theater. The reason you subscribe to mobile broadband in the first place is to have a connection all over the city. However, 3G can’t always provide it. With a 4G wireless subscription, you’re more than covered as soon as you step out of your apartment or home each day.

Because 4G wireless Internet uses the most advanced version of WiMax technology available, it can provide far superior service than the 3G network. As a 4G subscriber, you can depend on a fast, reliable connection no matter where you are in the city, meaning no more slow downloads or dead zones like you experience with 3G. Instead, you can video chat in the back of a cab, download music
in the park, or complete online training programs during lunch. Subscribe to a wireless Internet that is as mobile as you are—depend on 4G network coverage.

Friday, April 23, 2010

WiMAX Equipments-Antenna-USB-CPE

BSNL WiMAX Customer Premises Equipments [CPE]

There are 3 types of Customer Premises Equipment, viz USB dongle for mobility, indoor type CPE and Outdoor CPE for fixed wireless broadband connectivity. Customers can avail any type of CPE depending on the requirement. All the CPEs can be taken anywhere in the coverage area even though the USB dongle is the most convenient for mobility. The indoor CPE and outdoor CPEs are better for areas with poorer signal strength, the outdoor CPE being the best as it has an antenna which can be placed in the outdoor and connected to the CPE with a 10m cable.

There are laptops available in the market from various vendors with inbuilt WiMax CPE. In such cases, the services alone can be taken from BSNL.
The list of Bulit in wimax laptops

Thursday, April 8, 2010

BSNL WiMAX Coverage Punjab Circle Updated List

BSNL installed 350 Wimax BTS towers in all districts HQ and major towns. including capital city Chandigarh. Besides, Distract Hqrs., some important towns are covered named
2. Zirakpur
3. Mandigobindgarh
4. Samana
5. Rajpura
6. Muktsar
7. Rampurphul
9. Abohar
10. Batala
11. Gurdaspur
12. jagroan
13. Phagwara
14 Khanna etc for the WiMax services.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BSNL Launched 4G WiMAX in Punjab

BSNL Punjab Circle Launched 4G WiMAX Broadband
Indian telecom giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) launches WiMAX the 4th Generation Wireless Broadband Service in Punjab telecom circle with speed up to 7 Mbps(37mbps comming soon)

The CGM, Punjab telecom BSNL, Wimax services for urban areas launched by Mr.Pradeep Paliwal, . It is significant that Punjab BSNL has already providing WiMax services in some limited pockets of rural areas.To empowered all 20 Districts headquarter, urban areas/towns of Punjab with High Speed Super Fast Internet connectivity, Speaking on the launch of WiMAX services Mr.Pradeep Paliwal, Cheif General Manager, BSNL said that

"WiMax provides a super speed and reliable broadband service over wireless media. The minimum speed is 512 Kbps whereas the highest speed which can be taken from WiMax is 7 Mbps(37Mbps will be available soon). Each BTS tower has got around it a coverage area of 15 kms., where connections can be provided."

BSNL also offer Free trail of Wimax Broadband services for its prospective subscribers which is valid up to 15 April 2010.BSNL introduces a total of 7 tariff plans out of which 3 plans are for limited use and 4 plans are offered for unlimited use of broadband. Fixed monthly charges vary
from Rs.220 per month to Rs.750 per month for plans having limited use with regard to download/upload of data. Fixed monthly charges vary from Rs.999 to Rs.7,000 per month for plans having unlimited download or upload.(Mainly for Business).BSNL will continue to unroll WiMAX in India. It’s an important market to see how WiMAX is adopted by a tech savvy country. India has really tied itself to WiMAX but one wonders whether BSNL will consider the switch to LTE and follow a similar path to what Clearwire might do in the U.S.

Customer premises Wimax equipment can be taken from BSNL at rent of Rs. 50 per month or can be purchased after paying the charges.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BSNL WiMAX 4G Users Reviews

Reviews Area
M sreedhosh:I had booked for a USB Dongle for Rs.2800 + tax & etc = Rs. 2,912, BSNL has found that the Dongle feasibility for coverage is constraint to 15 mts. Since my house is off limits of that given 15 mts I had to opt for the Indoor WiMax CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). You can access this anywhere and anytime. The cost is Rs. 4,000/- . Monthly payment for both (Dongle & IW CPE) for unlimited usage is Rs. 1,000/- This is 512 kbps instruments.

As this is my 4th day of usage of this instrument on my online jobs. To check out the speed & coverage capabilities I had used it to do some download & upload of files above 2.12 GB to 19 GB files on Torrent sites & on my job networks.

The Result is as follows:-

I think there should be a 6 Green lighted (Normal) or Blue lighted bars (3G) should be there indicating the coverage strength but from the time installed I have only noticed 5 Bars just like mobile signal strength.

With 5 Bars & 2/3 Bars of signal strength (9:00am to 6:00pm):

The Speed as in transfer rate with my 512 kbps bandwidth (but shows the speed of 1682 kbps Download & 300 to 600 kbps upload, occasionally on certain servers while working on their site) can vary according to the sites & software’s we download to install for our jobs;
The speed may come to even the lowest of transfer rate 9 kbps to 30 kbps (I was pulling my hair at that time to see myself in a trial & error mode for BSNL)

With 5 Bars (Occasionally) & 2/3 Bars (Regularly) of signal strength (6:00pm to 4:45am):

As evening and night approached I saw the difference in Download & upload speed to be around 61 kbps to almost 464 kbps mostly with 2 or 3 bars of signal strength. Awesome from Our own BSNL. At least I get the work done in 4 or 6 hrs now than the 2 days or odd before with 20 to 40 kbps transfer rate/ packet rate / data transfer.

There is a consistency of 110 to 259 kbps transfer rate.

I have heard from a Business person who has taken a 1Mbps bandwidth is enjoying the speed & facilities. He & his wife are going for the high range ones as soon as they are launched the 8Mbps products but ordinaries like us may not be able to afford that too expensive instruments & monthly pay is also too high.

(Business UL 15000 Plus 2Mbps, 8Mbps Business 15000 with a cap of 125 GB: Home UL 1350 Plus 512 Kbps-affordable)

This I say only because I had it tested these days only on the difficult sites & from networked servers of Islands & inner lands where the inconsistency in coverage & signal strength is very drastic.

I thought I should appreciate the government firm with all our drawbacks & the drawbacks we create around us BSNL is trying to mend their flaws & come up with good & cheap services which could be affordable along with some benefits like unlimited usage without any hidden fair usage limits.

As for Technical Support they have been on call assistance every time I have called them & given right kind of advices & taken time to come to my place & show me why do they say; why some facilities are good or bad. The technical guys whom I have called spoke in understandable English & they can understand you too. They also can understand Hindi & return the favor in broken Hindi & English support.

Let me help you all by giving certain People to contact for BSNL WiMax truly an unlimited offer with awesome speed.

These are some of the BSNL members who make our Government firm BSNL a true service provider. They go out of their way to make the customer comfortable with what our country (India) has to offer in the best of the interest of the citizens & foreigners alike; most welcome to our facilities with all our simple ways (since we are after all an upcoming country in many ways with all resources to exploit for our own better existence.)

WiMAX Supporting Notebook Pc's (Laptops)

WiMAX Supporting Devices
Many devices are now creating with bult in Wimax technology for the comlete
utilisation of WiMAX technology.Some of the major Branded Laptops avilable with bulit in Technology is introducing here..

1. Samsung N310 Netbook

2. Lenovo intros WiMAX ThinkPad Laptops

3. Asus M50Vm-A1WM WiMAX Notebook

4. Asus F8Va-C2WM, N50Vn and M50Vm WiMAX Notebook

5. Toshiba Satellite U405-ST550W WiMAX Notebook

6. Acer Aspire 4930-6862 and 6930-6771 WiMAX/XOHM notebooks etc

Monday, April 5, 2010

WiMAX 4G : Boosting Indian Economy

The Wireless Hi-speed Broadbad is always a primary Need in the Communication sector of every country.The Boosting of an Economy mainly depends on the Communication Strategy following by the same.According to India the 4G WiMAX will boost the Economy into a Developed Communication System ie competitive to a developed Country.

The big players in the Wimax industry like Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Huawei, and Samsung are all looking towards the big market in India because they are seeing the huge scope in the Indian markets because there are currently only 4.5 million broadband users out of the total 1.3 billion population and these big players are expecting India to grow at the rate of 9-10%/annum giving them big sales targets from the year 2012 which is the year they are going to launch Wimax in India fully with best wireless data transmission technology.

There are also speculations that once the broadband speeds are increased the economy will also grow because a higher speed would offer better productivity and quick processing of any job. There are already many different types of connections available in India like cable wired, wireless USB based, PCI card based, GPRS Mobile phone based & satellite based, with the Wimax coming in we can expect the new laptops coming with Wimax preinstalled and a very low browsing charge.

WiMAX Coverage Areas Gujarat Updated List

BSNL WiMAX Coverage(Range) Gujarat:The main areas that are covered under the Base Transmitting Stations of BSNL WiMAX in the state of Gujarat are;

» Vastrapur
» Patel Farm
» Vasna
» Gandhnagar sector-11
» Gandhnagar sector-24
» Adalaj
» Railwaypura
» Odhav
» Bophal-2
» Jagatpur RTTC
» Memnagar
» Ghatlodia
» Bapunagar
» Jamalpur
» Shahibaug
» Naroda
» Watva GIDC
» Sabarmati
» Sanand

» Ankleshwar GIDC
» Chota Udaipur
» Valsad
» Vapi GIDC Chanod
» Vapi GIDC sec-1
» Vapi GIDC Chanod

Sunday, April 4, 2010

BSNL Tamilnadu circle Launching WiMAX

BSNL will launch WiMAX in Tamil Nadu by November

According to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) it aims to launch commercial WiMAX services in the Tamil Nadu circle by November 2009.As part of the first phase of rollout the telco has placed orders for 30 WiMAX Base Transmitting Stations, with each station have a capacity to cover a radius of 15 - 17km. It is also understood that around 22 locations, predominantly rural regions, have been marked as locations for service. The equipment is expected to arrive in August and BSNL will start offering the service from October or November. In the second phase of network rollout BSNL is expected to acquire between 250 and 300 more Base Transmitting Station(BTS).

BSNL WiMAX Kerala Coverage(Range) Updated List-Ernakulam

BSNL WiMAX Wimax Coverage Ernakulam(Kochi or Cochin)



3.SRM Road



6.Amrita Hospital


8.Gandhi Nagar_TE





13.Palluruthy TE

14.Panampilly Nagar









23.Kinfra TE



BSNL will launch WiMAX services in Trivandrum, Trichur, Calicut cities by the middle of April 2010 and all other important cities and towns in Kerala by May 2010

Ernakulam SSA

For enquiries in Cochin

Please contact :: 0484-2370700


Email to : mohammedsalik@bsnl.co.in


Saturday, April 3, 2010

BSNL WiMAX Tariff Rates

BSNL WiMAX Rates are different in some states according to Rural or Urban basis.The above depicted Rates are of BSNL MOBILE URBAN WiMAX.

Friday, April 2, 2010

BSNL Turns to MediaTek For WiMAX Chips

Indian state run telecom giant Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has ordered WiMax chips from Taiwan based chip maker MediaTek Inc.The shipment of WiMax chips will start from the end of 2009. However, the size and the value of the deal is still under wraps.BSNL is moving faster way in Wimax launching because it is takened in the five year plan by the Govt.

Because of this deal it will open a huge business opportunity for MediaTek in India since BSNL plans to invest more than USD 1 billion in spreading WiMax services all over India. This information has not much base and couldn't know how much it reliable.

BSNL Launched Mobile WiMAX (4G) Broadband Service in Karnataka

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) Karnataka Circle is launched WiMAX technology in the state in trial basis.In order to deliver High-speed wireless Broadband.The Mobile WiMAX Wireless Broadband have a capacity to carry 37Mega bits per second.
According to Chief General Manager, BSNL, Karnataka Telecom Circle.Unlike the few private telecom operators which have already started the service in urban areas, BSNL will exclusively concentrate in rural areas of Karnataka state, where it is
difficult to reach through wired network.Usually Wired broadband has a limited area of 5Km from Telephone Exchange.

The Wimax equipment was already reached where it is to be installed, and the process is almost complete. In the first phase, 16 Base Transmission Stations (BTS BTS -Base Transmitting Stations) have been installed. About 4,600 Common Service Centers have been identified in the state, of which around 3,000 have been reached through wired broadband. For The Rest which are in the remotest areas, BSNL plan to reach through WiMAX connectivity

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BSNL Aiming 2,50,000 Mobile WiMAX Subscribers

BSNL reveals that they have plans in progress that will give them at least 250,000 wimax users and this aim is for by the end of 2010.

Currently the BSNL wimax subscriber number is around 3000 users, which is not a lot and to reach 250,000 seems a long way, but BSNL assured that they will made this target by the end of 2010.

Wimax services were first launched in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and Urban Service were started in Kerala.210 stations which are spread across the North and East of India. Wimax services launched in the more urban areas too which include places like Kerala and Punjab at a speed upto 37Mbps

With big plans from BSNL they are ready to set 1000 base stations in some rural areas. But the main time to find out when BSNL will be able to achieve the target of 250,000 is when they set out the tariff rate.BSNL is highly concentrating in the rural area to acheive this target.
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