Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to WiMax

Why WiMAX ??
It’s tough for regular people to keep track of all of their options when it comes to technology. However, in the rush of all the new gadgets and services available, there are some that are definitely worth the hype. One of the latest to come onto the market, WiMax, actually offers the chance to enjoy wireless without a bunch of troubles or stipulations. While it might seem that every new product is promising to change your life, in this case, that sort of claim might be true. Here are the top 10 reasons that switching now will make you a forward-thinker, not a sucker.

10. No configuring networks
. When you set up wireless at home, you usually have to type information into your computer so that the network is recognized, store the password, and then you’re good to go. Getting on a network in a coffeeshop or at work? Repeat the steps all over again. Since WiMax works more like a cell phone, connecting automatically, you don’t have to spend time doing all of that.

07. A faster network. Just like cell phone companies across the country, you’ll be on board with 4G, the absolute fastest network in existence. This means that transferring huge files, streaming video content, and even video chatting can be accomplished with a complete lack of interruption.

06. A reasonable price. When you add up what you actually end up paying for wireless--like fees in airports and coffeeshops, and then include your monthly bill, things can get a little expensive. This way, no matter where you are, your wireless charge is going to come from the same place--and stay the same flat rate.

05. Forward-thinking. This is a type of technology that actually is looking towards the future rather than focusing on a new way of packaging something old. With WiMax, there is potential to expand beyond the current realms of the internet, meaning that if you get on board now, you’ll be poised and ready for the next step.

04. Global implications. Just like cell phone companies are looking towards networks that stretch across oceans, the potential is in place here for the wireless network in place to go beyond the borders of the States.

03. A reliable connection. Because the network in place uses towers not unlike cell phone towers, you can count on your WiMax connection delivering practically anywhere in the entire country. Signals are strong, meaning your connection will be, too.

02. It makes you look smart. Whether it sounds corny or not, being on the forefront of technology is definitely an asset for anyone, especially people who are trying to solidify their place in the world of new business. Being able to get online anywhere while others are struggling always makes you look ahead of the game.

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01. It just works better. Whether it’s handling the transfer of huge amounts of data, connecting without needing any sort of special programming, or adopting new technologies designed to innovate, switching to WiMax means a way of getting online that you can actually depend on as an internet user.

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  1. hi friend.. i am having wimax usb dongle.. can i bsnl wimax with that dongle...?


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