Saturday, April 24, 2010

3G to 4G WiMAX

Don’t Settle for 3G When You Could Have 4G Coverage
3G technology was no doubt the best way to stay connected to the web all over your city…when you got it. Now, you’re complaining of slow service and the fact that your own apartment is a dead zone. Fortunately, there is a better way to use the web all over your city. Whether you’re working, studying, or playing, the 4G network provides the fast, reliable coverage you need to tackle your chaotic days. Don’t settle for 3G coverage when you could be working with 4G instead.

Log on in the park, gym, even on public transportation with the 4G network. You can work all day, no matter where you are, with a fast, reliable mobile broadband connection. You’ll have the ability to video chat from your business meeting across town, check e-mails before your Anatomy class, and find the best sushi restaurant downtown for your Saturday night plans. Additionally, you can subscribe to 4G service in your home. This eliminates the need for a singular computer room and enables your family to connect to the Internet
regardless of where they are in the home. Log on from the backyard, basement, or bedroom with 4G mobile broadband.

The 3G network actually uses a lesser WiMax technology than 4G, meaning it can’t deliver the same quality service. WiMax is the technology utilized in transmitting signals between your PDA or laptop to the web. 4G uses the most advanced WiMax technology currently available for wireless Internet coverage. With 4G coverage, you are guaranteed the best possible service with the latest WiMax technology.

While 3G can manage to download at relative fast speeds most of the time, 4G wireless Internet is far superior. You can download at speeds of up to 3-6 Mbps with spurts of up to 10 Mbps. In fact, the 4G network is actually four times faster than 3G, allowing you to get more done on your PDA or laptop in a shorter amount of time.

4G network coverage also provides a more reliable connection than 3G. Oftentimes, 3G users complain of weak signals or dead zones while they’re in the midst of city center, at the museum, or in a movie theater. The reason you subscribe to mobile broadband in the first place is to have a connection all over the city. However, 3G can’t always provide it. With a 4G wireless subscription, you’re more than covered as soon as you step out of your apartment or home each day.

Because 4G wireless Internet uses the most advanced version of WiMax technology available, it can provide far superior service than the 3G network. As a 4G subscriber, you can depend on a fast, reliable connection no matter where you are in the city, meaning no more slow downloads or dead zones like you experience with 3G. Instead, you can video chat in the back of a cab, download music
in the park, or complete online training programs during lunch. Subscribe to a wireless Internet that is as mobile as you are—depend on 4G network coverage.

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