Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WiMax to be commercially launched in four months in India

WiMax forum has announced that it has been able to convince all the service providers for WiMax trials. The first commercial launch has been scheduled to take place around Diwali. WiMax Forum earlier announced trials are been carried by all spectrum winners except one.

CS Rao, chairman, WiMax Forum, India, said, “We have touched base with all the operators and all the operators understand that WiMax is the only technology that is ready for being deployed, and that our competition is at least one year away from deployment stage. Even operator, which was quoted by media as supporting the rival technology (read Mukesh Ambani-owned Infotel broadband,) is going for a trial of WiMax and we are very optimistic of a win there”.

He said that WiMax answers all the questions from operators, as it is a mature technology, with a mature ecosystem which can deliver equipment right now, and has a clear development path.

There have been reports of Infotel, the only pan India winner of broadband wireless access spectrum is opting for TD LTE, however, after yesterday’s press conference of the Wimax Forum, it seems that the company has not yet made up its mind.

If Infotel opts for WiMax, it will be a big gain for the WiMax lobby, as Infotel is the only pan India player, other winners are expected to follow its footsteps or else risk being trapped in technological islands.

Hinting at the first commercial launch of WiMax in India, Santhanam Gopalkrishnan, head, India operations, Alvarion, said, “Expect a Diwali dhamaka this year”. He said that all the operators are either deploying, or at least testing WiMax without any exception”. Alvarion is a global provider of 4G and WiMax solution..

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