Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wateen launched WiMax in Pakistan

Good news for those in Pakistan hungry for another link to the 'net: Wateen Telecom has officially launched its WiMAX / HFC services for the consumer market. Reportedly, Motorola played a huge role in deploying the "first 802.16e commercial WiMAX network in Pakistan," and according to Wateen, it's the largest WiMAX network "ever installed."

In case you hadn't already guessed, Wateen Telecom is indeed a Abu Dhabi venture, and the service will initially be made available in 22 cities. For more details on exact coverage and rate plans, be sure and check out Wateen's website.

Wateen Telecoms launched its WiMax operations in Lahore. Last week we invited Wateen’s technical team to install its wiMax in our office at STC (Siddique Trade Center) Gulberg III Lahore. After spending few hours with the CPE device they informed us that “signal for WiMax are very week in the office premises, so we are unable to install WiMax”.

I think wateen is the one of the first and major player in WiMax operation in Pakistan and they have been testing the WiMax services in different areas of Pakistan since late 2006. We didn’t expect this situation from wateen’s installation engineers. STC is is situated in Gulberg III which is the most important place for IT companies. Most of the offices in STC are software houses. If they cannot provide wimax in Gulberg III, then there’s not point for launching the WiMax operations?

More important thing about wateen’s wimax are their prices. They are providing 128Kbps for just Rs.400 per month but their CPE (Wimax Device) is very very costly. Its about Rs. 23,500 for home and corporate clients, which is a huge amount for home users.

Every package for home users is shared between 16 home users and every corporate package is shared by 3 corporate users. First of all no one will spend 23K for their CPE, if someone do; he will get 8Kbps (from 128Kbps shared) download speed (supposing all 16 users are using bandwidth)

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