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Wimax vs WiBro

Wimax vs WiBro

WiBro is a new wireless technology developed to consent user to watch TV on their cell phones. South Korea telecom industry developed IEEE 802.16e as international standard. Wibro implement TDD for duplexing. It uses OFDM for manifold access with 8.75 MHz as a channel bandwidth. WiBro was developed to defeat the data rate restrictions of cell phones as CDMA. WiBro also used to adjoin mobility to broadband Internet access like ADSL. WiBro wireless technology is still in the developmental process and when it improves it may call for an entirely different standard on the whole with a finally different name.

Differnce between Wimax vs Wibro

* Wibro has been in the workings for around the same time as from WiMax. This wireless technology introduced as a mobile broadband access in Korea as a mobile broadband but since it is based on Wimax and only Korean deploy Wibro.
*The base station of Wibro provides data 30 Mbits to 50 Mbits per carrier and conceal 1 to 5km radius permit for the use of moveable internet usage for moving devices it provide 120 km/h (74.5 miles/h).While the coverage range of wimax is 70 kilometers along 4km radius.
* The technology of Wibro also offers high quality services such as inclusion of video streaming content and loss responsive data in consistent manner and it is a great advantage over fixed wimax technology.

* There are many telecom industries trying to commercialize the WiBro such as TI, TVA, PORTUS, and Arialink. WiBro is fairly exact in its necessities from spectrum use to equipment design. While Wimax leaves much of this up to the equipment supplier while provided that sufficient element to make sure interoperability among designs.

* WiMax is calm of two versions in which one is stationary and second is mobile. Commonly WiMax is for public in fixed locations while Wibro and Mobile specifications are mobility.

* Wibro facilitate the user to get access to internet doesn’t matter traveling at the speed of up to 120 kilometers while WiMax at present lacks such capability.

* WiMax is being sponsored and developed in India by Intel while Samsung Electronics is the foremost developer of Wibro.

* Wibro is better than Wimax because the Wimax technology still facing compatibility problems while Wibro is already broadcast data on fast-moving equipment at 60km/h and through.

* The broadcasting of data between two bases station in possible in Wibro. WiMAX network with 802.16 standards allows only a lot of users on the standard and if any user trying to use the connection it will immediately cut off any additional users.

* Wibro network technology is very alike Wimax the transmission speed of both technologies are the same, but the difference is that a Wibro can mark out a receiver that is stirring from one location to another location, while Wimax does not propose this because it requires a stationary antenna for the purpose of receiving signal.

* Wimax is a telecommunication technology based on IEEE 802.16 standards offering sending and receiving of wireless data over long distance in a different manners from point to point or point to multipoint, while WiBro is a wireless broadband technology being developed and it is the Korean service name for IEEE 802.16e.

* WiBro design offer very high speed which is up to 74MPH while Wimax offer connectivity over 31 miles. Wibro provide exact figure which is 74 MPH and Wimax provide best connectivity only in specified region or if user exist very near to tower.

* The WiMax technology is well recognized than WiBro but it has become more important and in the future WiBro wireless technology will be resolute more thoroughly.

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