Thursday, August 26, 2010

WiMAX Technology- Features

Wimax Features

WiMAX is a great invention in wireless technology providing 30 miles broadband access to mobile users. Wimax technology based on IEEE 802.16 standard and it is a telecommunication protocol offering full access to mobile internet across cities and countries with a wide range of devices. Wimax technology has salient features as described below.

Wimax support multipath

Wimax technology is offering OFDM-based physical layer which is based on orthogonal frequency distribution. The Wimax technology is providing confrontation to multipath. Due to its good architecture it allows the user to operate in NLOS condition. Now Wimax is familiar as a technique of multi path for wireless network.

Wimax broadband access

Wimax technology is offering very high speed broadband access to mobile internet. When you are using 20MHz the data rate can be high up to 74Mbps. Generally 10MHz wit the TDD scheme provides 3:1 up and down link ratio. Wimax providing very good signals therefore higher data rate can be achieved with multiple antennas. Antennas are used for beam forming, space time coding etc.

Wimax offer high speed data rate

The scalable architecture of physical layer is offering high speed data rate. Wimax technology is providing easily scaling of data with possible bandwidth of channel. If the bandwidth of channels may from 1.25MHz to 10MHz then a system can use 128, 512, 048 bit FFTs which provide dynamically roaming across numerous network having dissimilar bandwidth.

Wimax offer modulation and error correction

The use Wimax technology is increasing rapidly because it supports lots of modulation and error correction facility to user. It also allowing a user that they could change the scheme according to channel condition. (AMC) Adaptive Modulation and Coding is a valuable method to exploit throughput in a varying channel.Wimax support reliability of data

Automatic retransmission of data supported by Wimax at data link layer for link is a great feature. It is not only improving reliability but also enabled ARQ which necessitate each broadcast packet to be recognized by the receiver, and if any unacknowledged data packets are unspecified to be misplaced and are retransmitted.

Wimax mobility

The basic and most important feature of Wimax technology is to support mobility applications as VoIP. The power saving mechanism of Wimax technology is used to extend the battery life of handheld devices. It supports mobile applications including channel estimation, subchannelization, power control etc.

To get access to wimax base station is not a huge task now because the wide range of connectivity of wimax provides access to base station from home. Installation of hardware is also very easy with wimax technology. With the growth of Wimax technology its more feature may also comes up.


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