Thursday, May 20, 2010

Intel Plans to Partner With India WiMAX Spectrum Winners

Intel is looking to partner with WiMAX service providers that win spectrum in the upcoming broadband wireless access (BWA) auction
The BWA auctions are expected to begin 2 days after the conclusion of the 3G auctions which are currently underway and expected to be completed in the coming weeks.
according t intel: Intel Capital has taken the initiative to drive broadband adoption all over the world, and is prepared to do it even in India..They had discussions with the various players, and are prepared to work with them in a number of ways including enabling specific devices for their networks or creating innovative distribution models.

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U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm has partnered with local Indian service provider GTL Infrastructure and plans to participate in the upcoming BWA auction. If successful, the joint venture plans to deploy a TD-LTE network using the 2.3GHz spectrum. Some critics have argued that TD-LTE (different than the more popular FD-LTE) is still several years away from commercial deployments and therefore could result in delays in deploying broadband services.

If Intel will came to be with service providers to deploy the wimax in India it will result in Fast Change in the phase of Broadband Technologies in the country

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