Monday, May 10, 2010

BSNL and Intel Start WiMAX Acceleration Program

WiMAX Technology Accelerated by INTEL & HCL
In support of the Indian Government's Bharat Nirman Rural Development Agenda, BSNL, HCL and Intel Corporation started a series of wide reaching initiatives to improve economic and educational opportunities in India by expanding access to wireless broadband Internet and affordable computers.

Intel and BSNL will jointly started wireless broadband Internet in what is intended to ultimately become a nationwide mobile WiMAX network. BSNL also will work with Intel and HCL to make available in India's rural regions WiMAX-capable nettop computers designed by the two companies and made in India by HCL using the Intel® Atom™ processor.

The mobile WiMAX network will meet IEEE 802.16e protocol and operate within the 2.5GHz band frequency. The three companies are working on developing WiMAX capable nettop PCs powered by the Intel Atom processor. These units will be manufactured in India by HCL.

Intel will also extend support to the manufacture of other WiMAX compatible gadgets like netbooks, smartphones and laptops for BSNL’s network. The nettops will initially retail at BSNL and HCL outlets in India before being sold through Intel distributors across the nation. Kerala and Punjab will be the first two states to avail of these new offerings.

According to Shri Kuldeep Goyal, Chairman and Managing Director, BSNL: Working with Intel for WiMAX market acceleration is a milestone in bringing fast and reliable Internet connectivity to much of India. We are extending mobile WiMAX to millions of people in rural India and, in the process, will bring a whole new meaning to bridging the digital divide in this country. Ultimately our vision is to make WiMAX available across all India. We are pleased to work with Intel to make this a reality.Over the next several months BSNL and Intel will begin making available Intel- and HCL-designed WiMAX-capable nettops through BSNL's and HCL's retail outlets, and ultimately through Intel's network of channel partners across India.

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